Who are we?


The Team at The Ministry of Boulder

The Ministry of Boulder is home to an Adult Play Facilitator and two Talk Therapists.

Together, the team at the Ministry of Boulder offers people the opportunity to explore their alternative expressions of self or sexuality in a safe space with trained and experienced people.  What is an "alternative expression of self or sexuality"?  Visit our page about what we do to find out more.


Lorena Lucille

Ms. Lucille is a play facilitator, engaging with adults in fun and theraputic role plays.

Ms. Lucille has over 15 years of experience in the arts and skills of BDSM, which has taken her through the psychology, sociology, and engagement of kink. She has participated in many conferences, social organizations, and events with alternative forms of adult play as their focus.

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Lyndsey Lyons

Lyndsey Lyons is a love and sex therapist out of Boulder. Her passion is helping others move through shame and fear that prevents them from living to their fullest, both in their personal lives and in connection with others.

Areas of focus:

  • Healing sexual trauma
  • Exploring fetish/kink
  • Alternative relationship dynamics (polyamory/BDSM)
  • Compulsive sexual behavior
  • Sexual education and coaching

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Sophia L. O'Connor

Sophia is a practicing relationship, sex and intimacy therapist in Boulder. She works with clients of all different backgrounds and demographics, specializing in non-traditional sexual practices and those looking to deepen their relationship to desire and
embodiment of pleasure.

Sophia is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality while practicing as a therapist at The Ministry of Boulder.

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