I was first drawn to it by their backpage ad. I thought it was unique catering to
men and women, LOVE the short video, but the website sold me. I liked its
warm and welcoming tone, plus the fact they accept credit cards (Yay, no trip
to the bank!). I was also touched by Ms. Lucille's writing on the affordability of
kink, plus her emphasis on the importance of having desires fulfilled in a
guilt-free way.

I had to know if she was for real. So, I rolled the dice and paid a visit. First of all
the photos on the website do not do Ms. Lucille justice. She is drop dead
gorgeous in person, a woman any man would be proud to be seen with. And
she is genuinely warm and welcoming.

Ms. Lucille is incredibly talented. The whole time I was with her, I felt her focus
was on me and my experience, not on time and money. She assumed a The
facility is clean and well equipped. As it should be, but more importantly,
commanding presence that left no doubt who was in charge. She did this with
an air of sensuality that was, okay I'll say it, arousing, though there was no sex
involved. She made me feel she was happy to have me with her.

Finally, she gave me the best over-the-knee spanking I've ever had in my life.
Three times she brought me to the breaking point. My bottom is a little sore as
I'm writing this and I'm glad. The pain I feel when I sit down will remind me of the
wonderful time I got to spend with Ms. Lucille at the Ministry of Boulder. Wish I
lived here, I'd see her every week.

Austin, TX
country for well over 30 years.  During that time, I have experienced every
variety of providers imaginable.  Ms. Lucille is without question the best I have
ever encountered. Why?

She seems genuinely concerned about providing the experience you are
looking for, as best she can.  To this day, she exudes that with every visit.  I
keep waiting for her to become bored, or to lose her enthusiasm, but that has
never happened.  You are the focus of her attention for the entire session.  
Her techniques, in whatever play we are exploring, are without compare.  
Somehow, she always seems to not only know WHAT buttons to push, but
HOW to push them for the greatest effect.  From my very first session, I felt I
could trust her, all the while always feeling the rush of nervousness from
knowing that I am completely vulnerable to whatever she might desire or
decide to do to me.  Along that line, I have never felt ashamed, embarrassed,
or that she was in any way judgmental towards my fetishes.  There is never
any question of who is in charge during a session, but you won’t hear any
yelling at you, unless that is what you want.  To top things off, she is absolutely

It has now been 3-1/2 years since my first visit to Ms. Lucille.  Since finding
her, I have not visited anyone else.  I have no desire to.  I have now found the
one I have been looking for, and I continue to visit her very frequently.  For
me, there is no one better.  She is the consummate professional.

John, Denver, CO
trip to the Denver area. I have been with many Pro Dominas, but Ms. Lucille is
by FAR better than anybody into the fetish scene I have ever had the pleasure
to meet.

Ms. Lucille took me thru such a complete head game I found myself under her
hypnotic-like spell of creative role play doing things I could have never
imagined…and wanted more of the forbidden fruit.

Ms. Lucille commands expertise in so many fetish/kink areas, but suffice it to
say my experience with Ms. Lucille was a mind blowing event that made time
disappear all the while enclosed by her compassionate, caring safe

If you ever have the good fortune to visit Denver, allocate as much time as
possible to arrange a session with Ms. Lucille. Multiple days with overnight stay
will likely bring you to a jelly like state of mind with all the pleasures and total
submission you will ever need. I am now in a state of complete satisfaction and
wonderment on how I could obey Ms. Lucille and actually fulfill all those kinky
fetish things I had only fantasized about for so many wasted years.  

(now)... Sarah  
The Ministry of Boulder
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Thank You for affording me your time yesterday for a session. This was the
first time I had met with someone to role play. You provided me with a
relaxed and welcoming environment. I felt accepted throughout and enjoyed
talking as much as playing. You gave me the freedom to explore different
things and change gears as I discovered  new feelings or emotions. I also
learned to simply begin enjoying it as fun, kinky role play. ;)

Michael, Colorado Springs, CO