Extended Play
eekend and Overnight
Imagine spending the whole day as a woman for
the first time, dressing up and having lunch.  

Or let yourself be a baby taken care of for the
whole weekend, playing at Auntie's house.
What if you got to serve at the feet of a beautiful
Goddess, put in your cage at night or chained to
Her bed!

The Ministry of Boulder has sleeping space for
slaves or adult babies.  Play all day with meals
included.  Prices subject to determined length of
stay.  Starting at $1000 overnight.
If you ever have the good fortune to visit Denver, allocate as much time as possible to arrange a
session with Ms. Lucille. Multiple days with overnight stay will likely bring you to a jelly like state
of mind with all the pleasures and total submission you will ever need. -
Sissy Sarah, FL
The Ministry of Boulder